Pro Domo Sua

When a client asks us to design a villa for him, we always try to interpret it in the light of the values he believes in to design spaces in which he can play the part he has chosen for himself or the part, as use see it, that best suits him. ConsequentIy to plan one’s own home, as we did in the case of our Villa Audrito at Pecetto on the Turin hillside, is a bit like doing a self-portrait or indulging in a moment of self-scrutiny in public. The concept develops around the element of “The sphere and the labyrinth”: the eternal contradiction between great values, absolute principles, pure geometries, symbolism, and rhetoric on the one hand and, on the other, the movement of our often twisted thoughts, immersed in life, making use of feelings and intuition, and conditioned by enthusiasm and disappointment, but always guided by an irrepressible desire to set one’s imagination free.