Lighthouse Tower Center

This is the design for a parcel of urban land facing out over the seafront of the Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi, in the direction of the sunset. The tower is a destructive element, 30 floors of offices that loom over the city and the Corniche, a cylinder deconstructed into segments that lose verticality, transforming it into a fluid, almost dancing figure. To guarantee 360 degrees visibility, the lift group is shifted to the outside of the building, in a northerly direction. At night, the tower is filled with light, like a great lantern – landmark of the Corniche. Alongside the office tower there is a 5-star hotel with Jacuzzis on the verandas, which look towards the setting sun. The hotel, with its rooms and apartments, looks like a series of ribbons blown by the wind, everything resting on a shopping mall designed like a city centre, brought to life by shops on several floors – just like in Milan’s Via Montenapoleone, as well as by fitness centres, bars, nightclubs, art galleries.