King Salman Olympic Park

The general proposal consists in a network of parks, with the aim of redefining the identity of Riyadh as a remarkable example of advanced metropolis of the Third Millenium and rediscover the soul of Diriyadh to permeate all the city with its greenery environment and the constant presence of water fixtures. Finally, a network of many other parks distributed to serve the city, including the universities scattered throughout the territory, advanced research centers, as well as complexes for entertainment and leisure. The masterplan covers an area of 20 sqkm and involves the construction of an Olympic stadium with related services, a Formula 1 circuit, a hippodrome and Polo field, a Sport and Medicine University Campus, touristic facilities (hotels, spa, residence), as well as lakes and rivers, paths and monorail network and parks: King Salman, a big Olympic park which will serve Riyadh and especially young people, and will be able to host a future edition of the Olympic Games in the city of Riyadh.