Guilin Park Project

When I was invited to visit the site of the project, in Guilin, I did not know the city but I was familiar with the surrounding region. I was about to go and see an anonymous place, as I had done so many times in my more than 40 years of professional career, to be transformed – through the development of the project – into an area where it would be nice to live. Actually, arriving in Guilin was a wonderful discovery for me. While still on the plane, I enjoyed a stunning view over the region, scattered with mountains rising from the plain like an army of giants and strewn with the shiny ribbons of rivers that lap at the foot of the mountains and connect the wide lakes to one another. All was immersed in a rarefied atmosphere, fogs floating like clouds among the mountain tops and mists lighting up with pink and golden shades in the sunset light, and it made me think that I had arrived, as if by magic, in a fantasy land bordering on the realm of dreams.