The Italian Consulate hosted the Italian Language Week showcasing architecture and design in efforts to promote the language to foreign markets and bring together businessmen and architects on a common platform. Architects chose an Italian word that identifies their creative style along with interactive stations where visitors can test their skills in designing their project, combining it with an Italian word. Round tables with five leading architects were also offered to the public.

Working on major projects in the Kingdom for nearly 40 years, architect Franco Audrito says: «Saudis have great respect toward the profession of architects, allowing him and other firms to fulfill dream projects.» Knowing the tradition and values of Saudi Arabia, he said, was crucial order to interpret them to buildings rather than imposing a foreign style. “The Italian creative people are welcomed in this country because they come here to know the values of Saudi Arabia,” he said, adding that taking into consideration the elements of the country is more honest than importing foreign buildings that are not compatible, such as constructing glass buildings in a desert.
“What I found is in this country is that my clients don’t consider me as a foreigner. There are many similarities between the two cultures. We are similar in the attitude, the way of living, social life, and other aspects,” he said.